HOTEl24 offers you a free mobile phone SIM card with unlimited local minutes and unlimited local SMS in Georgia, as well as 2GB of mobile Internet. If you would like to get the SIM card please choose "Yes" when filling the booking form.


In order to book, you need to submit a request to the hotel to check the availability of rooms for a specified period of time. If confirmed by the hotel, to complete the booking, you need to finally confirm the reservation. Instructions for final confirmation will be sent to your email address.


When you go to the hotel's details page you can see the room types with description and prices and the button: 

When you click that button you are taken to booking form. After filling all the necessary details (booking dates, number of guests, number of rooms, personal details) the system calculates booking total cost and the amount of the deposit, that will usually be required in order to complete the booking. Then you click the button:

after that you can recheck your order details, optionally fill in special requirements or questions and click:

After that the hotel receives your inquiry email, checks availability for the chosen dates and, in case the chosen rooms are available, you receive the inquiry confirmation email. Hotels always try to confirm inquiries as soon as possible. 

When you receive this email, in order to complete your booking, you need to follow the instruction for final confirmation.

After that you will get an email, confirming your booking. That's it! You don't have to do anything else.


Hotels and other properties usually require you to prepay a deposit. Most often, the deposit is 15% of the total booking cost.

On our website you can pay using:

 |   using Paypal

 |  Visa or Mastercard issued by any bank (secured bank processing)



You don't have to register and login to book on our website. All information will be sent to your email. However, if you register and login before you book, then the booking record will be available in your profile on the website, as well as an invoice. 

 See the registration video tutorial.


You can find all your bookings in Booking Profile -> List my bookings menu.



There will be invoices corresponding to all your bookings in Booking Profile -> Show my invoices menu.