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Gudauri, Gudauri, Kazbegis Raioni, Georgia

Hotel description

Hotel Monte Gudauri is located in Gudauri. It is located from Tbilisi International Airport at 2 hours drive.

Skiing cableway is located from the hotel at 5 minutes walking distance.

The hotel provides WiFi, free parking, laundry or washing machine, cleaning service and restaurant where you can taste delicious dishes.

All rooms feature :
  • private bathroom
  • shower
  • central heating
  • TV
  • hairdryer

A home away from home: The door opens. A welcoming smile greets you. You return the smile.  “That’s how it feels to be a regular”, you think, before you remember that it’s your first visit. Everything is covered in a blanket of snow. Sounds are hushed; The afternoon sun is warm on your face. You close your eyes and breathe deeply. Today is your first day in Gudauri mountain resort at Monte.

Why settle for a simple Gudauri lodge, when you can stay in Hotel Monte? All rooms feature balcony and panoramic windows overlooking the mountains. Spacious or generous, with or without a balcony, with a view of the Valley and its mountain landscape or Rocky Mountains, for couple or for family stay– but always comfortable and welcoming.

Continental breakfasts are served on site, and guests can also dine in various cafés and restaurants within a 10-minute walk of the hotel.

Here is just a taste of what there is to do in Gudauri in the winter: 

Skiing and snowboarding: glide over 57 km of ski slopes at all levels of difficulty and experience the borderless pleasure of downhill skiing. Winter hiking: the gently ascending or descending mountain trails offer magnificent views of the white landscape. Enjoy peace and tranquillity off the slopes. Heli-ski: every skier or snowboarder must experience at least once in a lifetime. enjoy off-trail downhill skiing or snowboarding. You ‘ll be guided through skiing areas of with thousands of slopes waiting for their first descents at all levels of skiing. Paragliding: If you love the “feel” of rising air give yourself in hands of skilled paraglider who will be relying solely on wind forces and thermals, so that you can stay in flight for HOURS and cover hundreds of kilometers! Freeride skiing - If you like skiing, but not „just” and „simple” and „like all the others”, Gudauri gives you a nice option to go up to some virgin snow and end down your skiing somewhere in the valleys, where a car will pick you up. 

When everything else flows away. The glass facade lets in that special kind of light you only find in the mountains. One more stroke and you are out, floating in the clear air of Mountains. Follow your steps and visit to Sauna Centre. Take a deep breath. This is your moment.

The sauna circle offers:
  • Dry-Heat Sauna / HOT Spot (75-100 °C)
  • STEAM Room (45 °C)
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Relaxation launge

HOT spot is a traditional Finnish sauna with hot and dry air, where temperature can be as high as 100 °C. The sauna causes prolific sweating and creates an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The true effect of the sauna exhibits itself when cold and hot phases alternate – every time in sauna should be followed by a cold shower. The sauna stimulates metabolism and helps the body to eliminate toxins.

STEAM sauna is like the fountain of youth – it has a relaxing and healing effect on the body. Due to the high level of humidity and heat, steam sauna is beneficial to many health problems like catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, cough, hoarseness, chronic rheumatic problems, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, and joint pains.
Steam also cleanses the biggest organ – the skin. It is the easiest and the most comfortable way to eliminate toxins from the body because in the steam, pores and millions of sweat glands, through which toxins are eliminated. Due to the stimulation of blood supply and metabolism, the texture, elasticity, and complexion of the skin improve.



Hotel features

Some rooms have balconies
Every room has individual bathroom
Television in every room
Wifi available in all rooms
Hair dryer in every room
Showers in every room
Children are welcome
Waiter Service
Three meals a day service is available
Information services available onsite
Pets are allowed
Dogs are allowed
Smoke free establishment
Free Parking available
Laundry, Washing machine
Cleaning Services onsite
Conference facilities
Safe available
Winter Sports facilities available
Central Heating
Bar onsite
Restraunt onsite
Boardwalk on site
Popular hiking area
Weddings & other events catered for
Cycle paths nearby

Terms of Service

HOTEl24 offers you a free mobile phone SIM card with unlimited local minutes and unlimited local SMS, as well as 2 GB of mobile Internet. Please note, that you may use the card only during the period of your stay at the hotel and must return it when you check out.

Booking is free of charge, the website doesn't add a booking commission to the prices.

Prices include breakfast. Three meals a day service is available

Pets are allowed.


Prices were not updated. To learn the prices please contact the property

Hotel details

Children & Extra Beds

All children are welcome.
Free! All children under 4 years stay free of charge when placed on beds with parents!

There is no capacity for extra beds in the property!

Check in times

Check in 14:00; Check out 12:00

Policies & Disclaimers

A deposit amount, which is 45% of the total booking cost must be paid on the website to complete the reservation. The remainder is charged at the property, while receiving the service. It's also possible to pay the total cost on the website. In this case there won't be any cost to be paid at the property.

100% of the deposit paid on the website will be refunded in case of booking cancellation 30 or more days prior to Check-in, otherwise when cancelling booking later than 30 days prior to Check-in the paid deposit is non refundable except as otherwise provided by law.

In order to book, you need to submit a request to the hotel to check the availability of rooms for a specified period of time. If confirmed by the hotel, to complete the booking, you need to finally confirm the reservation. Instructions for final confirmation will be sent to your email address.

Airports, Transport & Driving directions

Hotel is located:
  • from Tbilisi International Airport at 2 hours drive
Skiing cableway is located from the hotel at 5 minutes walking distance.

reached through a vehicle of:
  • bus
  • mini-bus
  • Taxi
  • car

Payment methods at the property

  • This property accepts cash payments
  • Master Card
  • Visa Card